Cover-Roll Stretch


Product Attributes

2″ x 10 yds, 4″ x 10 yds

BSN Cover-Roll® Stretch provides superb conformability to highly contoured body areas such as elbows or knees and is an excellent choice for securing primary wound dressings.


BSN Cover-Roll® Stretch can help you to secure a primary dressing on various types of wound sites. It works particularly well on highly contoured areas of your body  (e.g. shoulders, elbows or  knees).

Like DynaPro Adhesive Non Woven Fabric, Cover-Roll® Stretch is made from soft non woven polyester material. The material is highly stretchable, which gives it the ability to conform to highly contoured body parts such as those mentioned above. It also provides light compression to your wound without inhibiting blood flow or interfering with the body’s natural healing processes. The adhesive has gentle and skin friendly properties that make it a great choice if you have sensitive skin.

BSN Cover-Roll® Stretch also uses a polyacrylate adhesive to hold the primary dressing in place. Moisture does not affect the adhesive. Another notable feature is Cover-Roll® Stretch’s radio transparency. It does not interfere with x-ray examinations or other diagnostic procedures.

Cover-Roll® Stretch is 100% latex free, so if you have a history of latex sensitivity, you can wear it without any reason for concern. You can also easily cut it to size, which reduces waste.

You can buy the Cover-Roll® Stretch in sizes 2″ x 10 yds and 4″ x 10 yds. The prices quoted are per roll.



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