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The McDavid HyperBlend™ Ankle Sleeve is a great choice for treating your ankle arthritis or tendonitis or for helping to rehabilitate your injured ankle and return it to full strength.

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The McDavid HyperBlend Ankle Sleeve is an excellent  ankle support for use during exercise to recover from an injured ankle. It will help you regain range of motion, strength and stability in the joint. The HyperBlend Ankle Sleeve combines the support of neoprene and the breathable compression that knit material is uniquely capable of providing. The result is an ankle brace that provides excellent stability, support and comfort while you rest and rehabilitate your ankle.

In addition to the comfort and support described above, the HyperBlend is also exceptionally light – almost one third lighter than other more traditional ankle sleeves.

For extra comfort, the McDavid HyperBlend Ankle Sleeve also features an anatomically precurved compression fit. This helps it to conform to your ankle’s contours for superior fit and comfort.

This support is a great tool for treating the painful conditions of ankle arthritis or ankle tendonitis. In addition, we would also suggest that you consider it if you need to rehabilitate an injured ankle and return it to full strength. You can also consider it for prophylactic support to help avoid ankle injuries while playing sports like baseball.

The HyperBlend Ankle Sleeve fits either left or right ankle. Available in sizes SM, MD,LG and XL.

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