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Dynamic Tape simulates the action of a spring and improves the kinetic chain by strongly retarding  or assisting muscle motion in order to optimize movement patterns. Once healing is complete, Dynamic Tape helps to reduce pain and control the risk of re-injury.

Dynamic Tape simulates the behavior of a spring to enhance your body’s kinetic chain and decelerate or assist movements and improve muscle performance. It does this to help reduce the load on over-stressed or damaged tissues (such as strained tendons or muscles, or sprained ligaments). Once healing is complete, Dynamic Tape helps to reduce pain and decrease the risk of experiencing re-injury.

At first glance, Dynamic Tape appears to be a type of kinesiology tape,but it has some key differences. It actually consists of a blend of Lycra and Nylon, whereas kinesiology tape is 100% premium quality cotton. In addition, the nylon used to make Dynamic taping products can stretch in 4 directions, whereas the nylon in kinesiology tape can only stretch in a longitudinal direction.

In addition to differences in stretch directionality, Dynamic taping productscan extend to over 200% of the original length. By contrast, traditional kinesiology tape typically stretches to 140% – 180% of the original length.

Another key difference lies in the nature of the recoil of the two types of tape. Kinesiology tape tends to recoil more gently than Dynamic Tape. This assist it to to lift the skin over injured tissues as a key part of its therapeutic function.

However, both tapes use a gentle hypoallergenic and non toxic adhesive and are highly breathable.

Dynamic taping products will allow water to penetrate and reach the skin. However, you can easily dry the tape by patting it for a few seconds.

Dynamic Tape comes in 2 sizes – 5cm by 5M and 7.5cm by 5M. Both sizes have the trademark black tattoo roll pattern.


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